“Real living wage” rises as week long campaign starts

By: Alice Nordevik

Monday 5th of November marked the start for the annual Living Wage Week, a campaign to draw attention to the gap between the Government’s minimum wage and the “real living wage”.

The week long campaign, run by Living Wage foundation, focuses on getting the attention of people and top politicians to spread their message about what they call “the real living wage”. The real living wage is independently calculated every year, based on how much money people actually need in their day to day life.

With the slogan “a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work”, the campaign aims to draw attention to the fact that the current national minimum wage is not enough. Employers can therefore voluntarily sign up to pay the living wage instead, guaranteeing their employees and any sub-contractors higher salaries.

The new living wage rates announced on Monday is £9 an hour. Those living and working in London will receive 3.4 per cent extra, with an hourly minimum wage of £10.55.

About 4700 employers across the country has signed up to Living Wage. During the week, employers as well as employees and politicians turned to social media to express their opinions about the campaign.



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