Assignment 2 Research

What are some ideas you might use for your assignment pitch?

My first idea was to write an article about Anti-bullying week, since that was going on with various initiatives across the country when I did the research. I started collecting tweets and contacting sources, but never got any reply from the founding organisation so I had to give up that idea and find another one.

I then decided to write about Purple Tuesday, that was the 13th of November. Purple Tuesday was the UKs first accessible shopping day, a campaign that aims to highlight the importance of disabled costumers and the struggles they face when shopping on the high street.

Come up with a list of primary source contacts for your piece. Find their contact details.

Kristine, a spokesperson for the organisation Purple that founded the campaign –

Holly Scott-Gardner, a woman living with a rare eye condition that affects all aspects of her life, including going shopping. She tweeted of the importance of the campaign under the hashtag #Purpletuesday –

Research their backgrounds and the background of the story with secondary sources.

The secondary sources I used, besides embedded tweets from people, was information from the campaigns site:

I also used information from a media package with press releases that I found on their website, as well as quotes from the CEO Mike Adams that was provided in the press release.

Another secondary source was Kristine, the spokesperson for Purple, since I got some facts and figures from her that I used in the article.

Interview questions for each source.

Questions for Purple’s spokesperson: Why is Purple Tuesday important? What do you want to accomplish with the campaign? What response have you gotten from the campaign?

Questions for Holly Scott-Gardner: Would you like to tell me about your disability and how it affects your daily life? Why is Purple Tuesday important, both to you and in general? What do you think about the campaign? Do you think it will make a difference? If no, what would it take to make a difference?

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