Assignment 1 Research

What are some ideas you might use for your assignment pitch?

My idea is to write an article about Small Business Saturday, a non-commercial campaign which aims to promote and highlight the UKs 5.7 million small businesses. They visited Leeds the 5th of November as a part of their 25 day long bus tour to promote the campaign.

Come up with a list of primary source contacts for your piece. Find their contact details.

Primary sources: Tom Flynn, director of operations of Small Business Saturday. Contact details:

Joe Smedley, business owner who is participating in the day in Leeds. Contact details:, +44 (0) 1472 348909

I met both of them at the event in Leeds, where did the interviews and took photos of them.

Research their backgrounds and the background of the story with secondary sources.

My secondary sources include facts about the campaign from their website:, as well as facts, numbers and figures from a press release that Tom sent me on email.

I will also use a quote from an article published on Leeds Council News as a secondary source, to get another viewpoint in the article:

Interview questions for each source.

Tom Flynn: What is the purpose of the tour? Why is it important? How many small businesses in Leeds will engage in the day? Last year was the most successful year ever for the campaign with £748 million spent, what are your expectations for this year?

Jo Smedley: Tell me about your business. How many years have you been involved in Small Business Saturday? What does the campaign mean to you? Why is it important?

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