Reflection one

My view of the journalism industry has been confirmed over the last week. I knew that printed newspapers are dying and that digital is growing, and I also knew that niched magazines and sites are growing since the readers are becoming more fragmented. However, since I’m mostly familiar with the Swedish journalism industry, it was still somewhat of an eyeopener that the situation is so similar in the different countries. For example: the fact that The MailOnline is the most popular website in the world. That was both surprising to me, as I didn’t expect it to be THAT big, but at the same time I knew that Swedish tabloids are doing very well online. So that was both the most surprising information I learned this week, but at the same time it confirmed what I already knew.

In the next 10 weeks I look forward to the lectures and workshops about curation, since it’s a concept I’m not familiar with. But most importantly I’m looking forward to the assignments and actually writing the articles. Both because that’s what I enjoy doing the most, and also because I’m eager to practice and learn how to do it well in English.

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