Reflection two

I did not have any major difficulties setting up my site. Probably because I have worked both with WordPress and other blog sites before, so I am used to it. However I found it tricky to add my introduction page to the navigation bar at first, but with a bit of googling and help from Karls handy guide I managed to solve it. Other than that I think that WordPress is fairly easy to work with once you have gotten used to it, it is clearly structured and logically organised.

Regarding the appearance of my site, I will admit it could be better. It would be more fun if I would add a picture for example, but after working at a few bigger newspapers and getting a lot of less friendly emails I am very careful about what i post online. I realised how easy it is for people to track you down and therefore I don’t want to post any pictures or too personal information. So my site is pretty anonymous, but since that is what I want I am happy with it. To improve it I have changed the theme, the colour of the background and the font.

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