What kind of journalist are you?

What topics are you most interested in as a journalist? Pick two or three. Explain your choices.

Someone once told me: “Journalists know a little about a lot”. When your job is to explain the world and its events to other people you get really good at learning things. You wake up every day not knowing what you’re going to know at the end of the day. And that is something I really enjoy: the small stuff, writing the normal everyday news articles. It might not be an interest, but it could give you new interests. For example: your boss tells you to write an article about the new super-mosquito that is tormenting people in a certain part of the city. So, you read about it, you interview a scientist and you speak to someone who got bitten by it. It is a small article, only an hours work or so, but suddenly you know everything there is to know about the feared subway-mosquito, and when your friends discuss it a few days later you can impress them with your knowledge.

My second interest is to travel, to learn new languages and meet new cultures. I haven’t been very good at it so far (need to freshen up that Spanish vocabulary from high school), but I’m slowly getting there. It is actually the reason why I’m writing this. I left Sweden to do a semester abroad here in Leeds and one of the main reasons I’m doing it is to learn how to do my job in English. Speaking good English means I could travel and be a correspondent overseas for Swedish newspapers.

Which blogs, news sites, apps and forums cover these topics best? Try to come up with five or six examples. Google them if you can’t think of any off the top of your head. Write down the URL and a sentence or two about why you like them.


One of Sweden’s best newspapers and the one I enjoy reading the most. This is one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, but they still manage to cover the small stuff which I really like.


Their slogan is “Everything you didn’t know that you wanted to know”. They focus on longer, in depth articles, but they have a lot of smaller, more fun, extra material as well.


The local newspaper in my city at home. I enjoy reading local newspapers since they often write about the little things.



The New York Times travel section is very inspiring, they write about the stuff you didn’t know you wanted to learn about and the places you didn’t know you wanted to visit.


World known travel site that even us Swedes follow.

Do you have any hobbies or interests in addition to the topics you chose above?

Does sleeping count as an interest? Other than that, I’m interested in literature and read a lot. I’m also a vegetarian and care a lot about the environment and animals.

Which blogs, news sites, apps and forums cover those topics best. Again five or six examples will do. Give me the URL and a sentence or two about why you like them.


A Swedish site (again), with long detailed reviews and book recommendations.


There is a lot of groups on Facebook devoted to specific interests, and I’m in a bunch of them about everything from literature to writing, plants, skincare, veganism and beer. It sounds strange but I’ve learned more from these groups than from any other site.


The cultures section of the newspaper I mentioned above. They often have a lot of book reviews which I like.

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