Final reflection

What problems did you encounter producing the main assignments and how did you solve them?

The main problem for me has been coming up with ideas. Since I’m not from  Leeds or the UK, I felt a bit lost living in a new country and being expected to find local stories here. Karls lecture on proper use of sources really helped with that, since he included a list of tips on how to find sources. That list included Leeds City Council News, where I actually found the information about the Small Business Saturday tour coming to Leeds – which I later wrote my first article about.

With my second article, the curation piece, the problem was instead finding primary sources. Initially I wanted to write about a different topic, but after unsuccessfully trying to get sources for it for a week I had to give up. I then switched topic, and used another technique Karl had showed us: using social media to find sources. My main primary source for that article was a woman I found on Twitter, who I contacted via private message to ask if she wanted to do an interview with me.

What new skills did you acquire?

I  have learnt more about adapting my writing for the web. Before this module I did not really reflect on the differences between writing for the web and for print, but figured it would more or less be the same. I now have a deeper understanding of the importance of knowing your audience, and adjusting to the way they read and use different types of media. I have also learnt how to work with curation and how to make news stories on instagram, which I had never done before.

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