Article 3 Research

What are some ideas you might use for your assignment piece?

With Brexit leaving the future of the Erasmus programme uncertain, I want to write an article based on statistics explaining why international students are important to the UK.

Come up with a list of primary source contacts for your piece. Find their contact details.

Universities UK,

Mailys Auffret, Erasmus student studying at Leeds Beckett University, +33 667 73 76 77

Research their backgrounds and the background of the story with secondary sources

Information about how Brexit will affect Erasmus students

Statistics, facts and figures about international students in the UK

Click to access International%20Facts%20and%20Figures%202018_web.pdf

Interview questions for each source

Questions for Universities UK: What will happen to international students in the UK and the Erasmus programme after Brexit? Why are international student important to the UK?

Questions for Mailys Auffret: Why did you choose to go on exchange? What has the experience meant to you? How do you think Brexit will affect the Erasmus programme?

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