Reflection five

Why is curation useful in the age of digital journalism?

In our digital age, there is a never ending flow of content on the internet and social media. It is too much to take in and process for one person, and that is why we need journalists to do it. To decide what is important, and to make sure we get a balanced and accurate view of the situation. Curation is also a useful tool for journalists to introduce new perspectives and voices in articles.

How do you feel you are progressing with the development of your first articles? What problems have you encountered and solved so far?

I am more or less finished with the first two assignments, and will start working on the third one soon. So I feel like I am progressing quite good. One problem that I encountered was that I didn’t get any replies from my preferred primary sources for one of the articles, so I ended up switching subjects entirely and writing about something else. Other than that I haven’t really had any problems;

Have the workshop tasks helped you to develop the portfolio articles? How?

Yes, they have definitely helped. Mainly to learn the practical aspects, like how to put tweets in WordPress posts and how to use photoshop to create pictures for the instagram slides. These are all things I didn’t knew before.

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